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A Message of Loving-Kindness and Peace

By Special Order Only

12 or 6 inch Replica of the 500-ft/152-m
Maitreya Project Statue

Gilt Fine Gold-Leaf

30.4 cm x 16.5 cm x 15.25 cm    (12 inches)  

1.24 kg  

 This high quality, beautiful statue is made from white resin and gilded with fine goldleaf. It is filled with mantras which are sealed inside the statue. The statues come in a red presentation box that is securely padded.

The throne can be gilded in 22 karat black gold or 12 karat white gold. (For the throne there are other options such as 23 karat red gold or 18 karat green gold but I feel that those color combination would not work that well). The photo shows the throne without any gilding, only some acrylic highlighting).

From the initial order it takes up to 6 weeks for delivery to my studio. Applying the lacquer and the goldleaf should take no more than 4 weeks, and delivery to you by courier no more than 1 week.  I anticipate that delivery to you should take less than 11 weeks, as in the past statues have not taken more than 6 weeks to arrive at my studio. You are kept informed by email as to the progress and also by photo on completion.






From The Maitreya Project website: Buddhism teaches that one should not sell sacred objects for personal profit. For that reason, the Maitreya Project is not providing these statues simply as ‘for sale’, thinking of them as goods to be bought and sold. Rather, they are made available with the wish to benefit others by generating funds to enable the charitable work of the Maitreya Project.  

All of the of the proceeds from your donation will be used to build the Maitreya Project statue and support Maitreya Project’s charitable activities.

From your point of view, please do not think that you are purchasing this statue. Rather, think that you are making a donation with the thought of creating benefit. By thinking in this way, you, and the millions of other beings who will receive the blessings of Maitreya Project, will receive only benefit.

Maitreya (Pali: Ariya Metteya) may be considered either as a Bodhisattva, according to the Sutras, or as a Buddha, according to the Tantras. When he is represented as a Buddha he is shown seated, but the legs, instead of being locked, are pendent. He is the only deity represented seated in the Western fashion and one of the few deities common to all Buddhist Traditions. He has the signs of a Buddha such as long earlobes, the urna (the auspicious tuft of hair between the eyebrows, signifying superhuman quality), and the ushnisha (cranial bump on the head, symbolizing wisdom), and he wears the robes of a monk.

Maitreya, also known as the future Buddha is thought to be waiting in Tushita Heaven for the right time to come down to earth. Tushita Heaven is one of the thirty-three heavens over Mount Meru and is considered the special field of Maitreya. Tibetans believe that if someone makes statues and thangkas of Maitreya Buddha and chants the mantra "The Promise of Maitreya Buddha," that person will be reborn in Tushita Heaven after death.

The two distinctive marks of Maitreya are the stupa in his crown and the scarf wound and tied around his waist.


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