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Buddha and Asian Antiques

Asian Art Blog   -

The arts and crafts specialists of Versailles - Gilding on metal 3 hour size

Complete online Water Gilding Course

Gilding Supplies in China

Nanjing General Gold Thread & Gold Foil Factory  -  Longfeng - Dragon and Phoenix Brand

Nanjing Meilong Gold Leaf Arts Co.

Shenzhen K & T Enterprise Ltd

 On Metal Arts and Crafts Repousse Nepali and Tibetan Arts

Art Tibet Net - Tibetan and Oriental Antiques Collection

Repousse Art - Specialist in Nepalese and Tibetan Sculptures

The Goldleaf Factory International

Parkers Sydney Fine Art Supplies

Noris Blattgold



CTS Europe


Maselli botega d'arte

Il Prato



L. Cornelissen and Son

Goldleaf Supplies


Gilded Planet

Sepp Leaf Products


Arts in Tibet - Dropenling Handicraft Development Center is dedicated to improving the lives of Tibetan artisans throughout Tibet by selling only unique, high quality handicrafts made in Tibet, by Tibetans - Gedun Choephel Artists' Guild Main Gallery - Torana Carpets handmade rugs from our workshop in Tibet

Resources - Crafts Revival Trust - Himalayan Art Resources - online educational resource with over 30,000 images - Asian Art, Oriental Art, Asian Antiques - The on-line journal for the study and exhibition of the arts of Asia

Asian Art Forum

Ganoskin - The complete Gem and Jewelry Making Information Resource

Gemmology - Vincent Pardieu - Richard W. Hughes
Sacred Buddhist Art for the 21st Century by Martin Walker-Watson

Turquoise: The Gemstone of Tibet - Martin Walker-Watson

West meets East: Making a Murti in Kathmandu - Karla Refojo

Thogchags - John Vincent Bellezza

Images of Earth and Water: The Tsa-Tsa Votive Tablets of Tibet - Juan Li

Contemporary Art in Lhasa, Tibet - Kabir Mansingh Heimsath

A Little about Stupas - Dr. Garrey Foulkes

Tibet Archaeology - Flight of the Kyung - Turquoise

Kuber Singh Shakya - A Master Craftsman of Nepal


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